Greetings and salutations from my sickbed. It’s been three very long days of the sinus infection from Hades, but I’m finally on the mend. Thankfully, I only get sick once a year since my tonsillectomy when I was 16. I’m interpreting this as my body getting it over with early! I’ve spent the last three days taking the behind-the-counter Sudafed, binge-watching The Dick Van Dyke Show, and drinking peppermint tea.

Billy has been taking care of me; he even made me homemade lemon chicken and rice soup (“It’s very aromatic, and I know you really like lemon”) and guacamole (“because avocados are super good for you”). I feel so much better after slowing down and getting plenty of rest, even though I feel guilty for having to cancel my obligations on Saturday. I had to make sure I’d be in good (enough) shape for Monday and our annual board retreat for the Downtown Dalton Development Authority.

So, a couple of updates:

I have been following a different diet regimen for the last three weeks, (with the exception of this weekend). I haven’t noticed a change in weight, but my skin looks awesome and I’ve been sleeping through the night (which is something completely new for me). Cutting out processed sugar has done wonders for my mood, concentration, and palette.

I was cast in an all-female cabaret at Artistic Civic Theatre called “Lively Ladies…Dead Composers.” I’m over the moon about getting to perform with some immensely talented women, all of whom I admire greatly. All of us are singing songs from composers who have passed away, and it’s sure to be an amazing show.

I’ve also taken a few steps to become greener, including switching from plastic baggies to reusable containers for snacks and meals and limiting my showers to 10 minutes or less. I’ve also recently switched all of my skin and hair care products to cruelty-free brands, which I will elaborate on in a future post.


Unfortunately, this week’s post will have to be a short one, as I have taken my nighttime cough medicine and will be drifting off shortly. Stay tuned for my next post, “My She-roes,” where I will delve into my list of female heroes from throughout history.


As always, thanks for reading!


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